DUB CUB 23. The 3rd Anniversay DANCE

/ Aug

DUB CUB 23. The 3rd Anniversay DANCE

09:00 pm - 04:00 am

Its been 3 years since the creation of Dub Cub and I’d firstly like to extend my love and heartfelt thanks to each and everyone within its community that has made it possible to reach this milestone.
Its been a great journey and one which I’m sure will continue to grow in strength and in numbers. Bless up one and all.


To mark this occasion, we have an absolutely ‘Artikal’ line-up in attendance ready to uplift and entertain the people of Leicester.


outta London.

outta Birmingham.
‘Defenders of Truth and Rights’
Featuring Nicky Dread, Roy P, Joseph Lalibela, Dezi Roots. Gorgan Brown, Zebby and Robbo Dread

outta Bournemouth
‘Roots and Dub Defenders’
Featuring Daddy U, Jah marcus, Ben Jammin, Ras Bashy, Tenja and Paul Fox.


12v Sounds in the garden will be:-



There will also be the standard:-

‘Sta Kulcha’ Record stall

and fresh Pattie and Dumpings will be on sale.

Also, for the first time we will be welcoming a new addition to the garden are as we have a fresh new vegan food outfit called ‘Bamboo Street Food’


Vibes are free also..!


Advance ONLINE tickets – £5
B4 Midnight – £8
After Midnight – £10

Purchase your tickets here:-



See you all @2funky Music Cafe on SATURDAY AUGUST 19th for Session 23.




The idea of this movement is that it provides a platform for the next generation of ‘Sound System’ culture,
‘The Young and The Uprising’.

This includes new and fresh systems, as well as long standing sounds, all devoted to the culture.

The basis is that each night will consist of 3 sounds who will meet in a ‘Unity Session’ in the arena.
All sounds involved split door take equally with Dub Cub, so all win on that level.

Its all about the positive energy and its all about the healthy vibes. All tribes welcomed.

This is something that I think can really help all involved with the aim it then becomes a platform to help push these sounds to a more established level as we continue to spread the vibes.

Any other systems you can think of that would fit into this idea, link me up.

I hope that we can build a community around this, in which we can support each other and evolve.

There is NO GUEST LIST on these events.
The sounds that come to play do so for the love of spreading positive vibrations through conscious music.
All that I ask is that we respect and support them by paying the very modest entrance fee. This alone massively helps with the varying costs of travel, (of which can be quite a bit considering there are guys coming from all over the U.K. especially for this one event), van hire and running of the system.
Please be respectful by contributing to the event.
If you’re not directly contributing to the night then you need to contribute at the door.

I’m sure you can appreciate the cost implications of the ‘Sound Systems’ who from all around the U.K travelling down for the people of Leicester. These costs are often not being fully covered,
Please help to support the continuing growth of our culture.
I’m sure you can overstand the reasoning.

Where else can you get
-3 Heavy Sound Systems
-12v Systems (in garden) AND
-Free munchies
for only £5. (Advance ticket)

Support the cause. This is workx.

“Empower The Young.
Embrace The Uprising.”

Dub Cub


2Funky Music Cafe